2020 ESG


An extraordinary company for extraordinary times

The Allegro.eu ESG Report for 2020 is quite extraordinary, indeed. Like the year itself. It has left many lasting changes in our everyday lives: in the way we work, the way we run our businesses, and – in Allegro’s case – even the legal personality of our company. In October, Allegro debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, thus becoming a public company.


From the beginning of the pandemic, we set in motion a number of initiatives aimed at addressing the negative consequences of COVID-19. We supported our customers, sellers, local communities and, above all, health care. The safety of our employees was our priority.


This report covers our Environmental, Social and Governance approach. We invited our employees to join us in creating it as well as propose a title. You can find their photos and videos with them on the report pages.

More about our responsibility

Allegro: rapid growth
for customers and sellers

Allegro is the most recognisable e-commerce brand operating in Poland. In 2020, approximately 13 million active buyers used our Allegro.pl shopping platform.

They could choose among over 200 million offers from over 120,000 sellers. The Allegro Group also owns Ceneo.pl as well as eBilet.pl.

  • 13 million active buyers
  • 78% of all Internet users in Poland
  • >200 million offers
  • 120 thousand sellers

We want Allegro to be a platform for sustainable shopping, which makes it even easier for consumers to make responsible choices. We will also continue to support merchants and remain a great place for them to grow their businesses.

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Francois Nuyts,CEO of Allegro

Allegro.eu has been placing emphasis on greening its operations and adjusting the business model to even more deeply root sustainability in various areas, including the delivery process, and to lower GHG emissions. We not only watch but also set the trends to increase consumer sustainability awareness.

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Nancy Cruickshank,Independent Non-Executive Director Allegro.eu

Allegro - the favourite place for shopping and making sustainable choices

Allegro provides the best online shopping experience in Poland, and we’re pleased that when it comes to searching for the products they need, it is our platform that the Polish consumers think of first. We ensure customer security, protect customer data and comply with consumer protection law while ensuring comfortable conditions for both merchants and buyers. They appreciate our efforts, as evidenced by one of the highest NPS scores in Poland, which means that users recommend our platform as their favorite place to shop.

Jakub Kłoczewiak,Customer Experience Director

A great place
to start and grow your business

Through continuous investments, we create new opportunities for merchants, attract new customers and help meet their expectations in the best way possible. This encourages customers to buy more, and more often, driving profits for companies doing business on the platform.

We launched a number of programs for both current and new sellers, which help them master the available tools, learn to manage their offers and increase their sales.

  • 3 months free for new sellers on Allegro
  • PLN 155 million the aid package for entrepreneurs totalled

Allegro supports entrepreneurship, creating growth opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because it is so easy to start selling on Allegro, we give everyone an opportunity to expand their business. This was especially evident during COVID-19 lockdown, when it was Allegro that allowed many retailers to expand their business. Today, Allegro continues the best way to reach customers online.

Damian Zapłata,Chief Commercial Officer

Allegro as a good citizen


We support the education and skills
development of young people


Last year, we adopted the CSR and Sustainable Development Strategy in the Allegro.eu group for the next three years. This ambitious sustainable approach includes four main pillars: we want to be a place for sustainable purchasing and responsible choices for customers, we want our platform to be a great place for sellers to grow their businesses and the best place for employee development.

Allegro as the best place
to learn and grow

Allegro employees are diverse, talented and ambitious individuals who thrive in a rapidly changing and complex environment. Our employees aim for the best results and take on new challenges, while we ensure broad development opportunities.


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