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Our stakeholders

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Our key stakeholder groups include customers, sellers, business partners and suppliers, employees, local communities and non-governmental organizations, administration, national and international regulators, the stock exchange environment and the business environment. Thanks to the implementation of dialogue programs with stakeholders and involving them in the company’s activities, we can make better business decisions, manage risk more efficiently, develop development plans and strengthen innovation, as well as verify our company’s activities on an ongoing basis.

In order to effectively manage relations with stakeholders, we have prepared a detailed map of key stakeholders.

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The stakeholder matrix is a tool that supports us in selecting the stakeholders we interact with. It allows us to adjust both the contact channels and its frequency. Appropriate communication channels have been allocated for each group.

Communication channels with stakeholders

Contact form
Allegro chat
Allegro Community
The Allegro Hotline for seniors

  • Buyer Protection Program
  • Online Help Center
  • channels of direct communication with Allegro advisers
  • profiles on social networks
  • NPS survey
  • periodic online surveys
  • media relations
  • educational site for buyers
  • advertising and educational campaigns in the media
  • shopping guides and inspirations on the website
  • Corporate website: Allegro.eu, social media
  • Allegro Community
  • Discussion with the seller
  • Internal complaint handling system
  • Out-of-court dispute resolution for sellers
  • Special Case Team – a team for special tasks
  • Program The Safe Online Shopping (Bezpieczne z@kupy)

Contact form
Allegro Chat
A telephone conversation
Allegro Community

  • Periodic reports
  • Rights Protection Cooperation Program (Współpraca w Ochronie Praw)
  • An expert meeting
  • Media relations
  • Online presentations
  • A website for sellers
  • An online help centre
  • Mailing lists
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Manager
  • Training and webinars, including Allegro Academy
  • Periodic surveys
  • Allegro Community
  • Direct communication channels with Allegro consultants
  • Guidebooks
  • webinars, e.g. for Super-Sellers [Super Sprzedawca]
  • corporate website: Allegro.eu, social media
  • discussion with a buyer
  • an internal system for reviewing complaints
  • out-of-court settlements for sellers
  • Code of ethics for suppliers and business partners
  • Allegro Town Hall (strategic conference for all company employees)
  • Company update: quarterly meetings with the company management board for all employees, along with a Q&A session
  • The qa_allegro channel designed to address questions on an ongoing basis
  • Inspirational meetings: Juice Work&Life Academy
  • Internal Insite+ social-media platforms
  • Thematic communities
  • Allegro Tech Meeting
  • BaZa Engagement Survey
  • E-mail based communication
  • Employee representation
  • Meetings, workshops
  • Training and MindUp platform
  • Annual and half-yearly review (feedback in both directions)
  • Mentoring
  • System for reporting irregularities
  • Alumni Allegro program
  • Allegro All For Planet Foundation
  • Allegro’s charity initiatives
  • Local Charity and Social Collections on Allegro Lokalnie
  • Educational meetings in schools and at universities
  • Information points at meetings
  • Cooperation with the Polish government administration, including market regulators
  • Cooperation with entrepreneurship organisations and economic chambers
  • Cooperation within the EU bodies (European Commission, European Parliament)
  • Cooperation within business associations of the e-commerce and other sectors
  • Participation in public consultations for legislation
  • Current and periodic reports
  • Meetings, conferences, roundtables
  • Contact via e-mail
  • Investor relations department
  • Corporate website
  • Newsletters
  • General Shareholders Meeting
  • Membership and industry organisations
  • Industry initiatives
  • Participation in conferences and meetings
  • Public consultations
  • Media relations
  • Email communication and direct contact for the media
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Green Generation 2.0 Raport

At Allegro, we conduct research and analysis regarding our activities and our environment. Research teams provide information, conclusions and recommendations to the daily work of hundreds of people at Allegro. We constantly monitor the Internet and conduct media reviews. We are also a partner of consumer research, such as the Green Generation 2.0 Report on environmental awareness of Poles and other issues.

Selected conclusions from the April 2021 study “Green Generation 2021. Together for the Earth” (“Green Generation 2021. Wspólnie na rzecz Ziemi”), of which Allegro was a partner:

  1. 85% of respondents notice various unsustainable practices of stores when shopping online. Consumers pay attention in particular to the suboptimal packing of parcels (in foil, too large cartons, with too many, often unsustainable, fillers). They also see the negative impact of product returns (39%), and see a chance to improve this issue in better and more accurate product descriptions in e-shops
  2. 55% of respondents describe ecology as a conscious choice and an attitude that does not pass.
  3. “Circular economy as an economic concept in which products, materials and raw materials should remain in the economy as long as possible, and waste generation should be minimized as much as possible” is quite close to Poles. On a scale of 1-6, the respondents rate this closeness at 3.81.
  4. 31% of Internet users would like to choose ecological packaging for an additional fee.
  5. 33% of respondents would like to use the option of reusable parcel packaging, which should be returned to the indicated place.
  6. 33% of respondents are prepared to walk up to 5 minutes from their location to pick up a package from a pickup point instead of having it delivered by a courier. 22% declare that they are ready to walk within 20 minutes to collect the package.
  7. 35% of respondents believe that their approach to ecology influences more informed purchasing decisions.

Last mile

Our research (also involving external stakeholders) includes topics related to the so-called last mile, i.e. the area of logistics, mature Internet users or the attractiveness of sustainable packaging for sellers. The conclusions we draw are used to develop our projects and initiatives. We also conduct our own surveys, meetings with customers and business partners, including individual and group interviews, and usability tests.

The rapid development of e-commerce has an impact on Polish cities. Therefore, as Allegro, we held a working meeting on delivery practices and what impact they have on the immediate environment. We invited experts from various industries and representatives of urban movements from the largest Polish cities. In total, 21 people took part in the workshop, which took place on April 8, 2021. The meeting was moderated by Fundacja Stocznia (Shipyard Foundation). The conclusions from the meeting, broken down into the diagnostic part (describing the current industry practices) and the recommendation part (collecting the proposed solutions), are listed in the summary.

We conducted a separate survey in March 2021, asking stakeholders what important topics should be included in the sustainability report. See more

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