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We support the education and skills development of young people

At Allegro, we realise how important technological education is for the future of Poland and our economy, as well as our company.

Allegro Tech

For this reason, many years ago, we created Allegro Tech, an initiative that promotes and disseminates knowledge in the field of technology through conferences, meetups and the allegro.tech blog. We integrate the IT environment and share best practices. Allegro Tech is made up of a community of over 1,000 technology experts who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with others.

The annual Allegro Tech Talks meetings are part of Allegro Tech. Our specialists and IT market specialists discuss projects implemented in the organisation.
1,000 technology experts
In practice

Hackathons organised by Allegro are addressed predominantly to students and people interested to work with us. We support the development of the competencies and help them gain coding experience under the guidance of our mentors. In 2020, we partnered with HackYeah Online, a hackathon focused on fighting COVID-19. In November 2020, Allegro developers and project managers took part in Strong Women = Strong Tech: How to Build a Career in the Technology Sector, a meeting held as part of Gov.Tech Festival, sharing their knowledge and experience of how to start a career in technology and create diverse teams, especially in IT.

The School of Pioneers of the Polish Development Fund (Szkoła Pionierów PFR)

At Allegro, we know almost everything there is to know about technology and entrepreneurship and we are happy to share our knowledge. Since 2018, we have been a strategic partner of an innovative, intensive, educational and mentorship program called the School of Pioneers of the Polish Development Fund (Szkoła Pionierów PFR) addressed to young, beginner entrepreneurs in the area of new technologies.

The goal of the program is to support people who are only at the beginning of their professional path in creating innovative projects which can be commercialised at some point and enter the Polish market followed by the global markets.

Since August 2019, Allegro.pl has also been a partner of Centralny Dom Technologii. As part of this initiative, we support the education of the young generation and transfer of practical knowledge. We are an official partner of the “Technology” educational stream and our experts share their knowledge at meetings and workshops with young people, based on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) methodology.

Workshops in
thematic areas
hours of workshops on site
from 2018 there were 150 graduates of the School of Pioneers

In 2020, 3,731 people applied for the School of Pioneers and took part in a two-stage selection process. There were 80 winners and 50 finalists. We designed three weeks of intensive classes for all of them, held in a hybrid format.

All graduates of Szkoła Pionierów PFR have practical skills combining business and technology. Their knowledge makes it possible to achieve better results in all kinds of competitions and development programsand consequently more efficiency in finding sponsors for their ideas.

In practice
Mam Swoje Alle

In 2020, we inaugurated Mam Swoje Alle (I have my own Alle), an educational project developed by Allegro in partnership with Fundacja Zwolnieni z Teorii. Its goal is to develop and promote entrepreneurship competencies among students (starting from age 12). Thanks to public collections at Allegro Lokalnie, they can collect funds for their chosen social goals.

Allegro helps young people implement their local community projects. This year, for example, these will include an art campaign to paint over offensive graffiti, greening the neighbourhood, athletic training and immigrant integration efforts. This year, students raised funds for a community organisation of their choice through fundraising on Allegro Lokalnie.

Joanna Skowrońska Account Manager, Allegro Lokalnie

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