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We educate future and current entrepreneurs and support SMEs

The majority of companies selling on Allegro are small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent an important pillar of the Polish economy. They account for 99.8% of all active businesses, create jobs, provide families all over Poland with income, pay taxes and generate nearly half of the country's GDP.

SME advocacy

Recognising the importance of the SME sector, we make every effort to support entrepreneurship, the growth of SMEs as well as digital transformation in sales. With access to a wide spectrum of companies, we understand their needs and expectations. We are active as advocates representing the best interests of this sector across the legislative landscape. At the same time, we keep ourselves busy educating and sharing knowledge helping you grow your business online.

Allegro is one of the founders of the European Tech Alliance, which I have had the pleasure of chairing for three years. We bring together fantastic European technology companies, whose successes prove the great potential of the European digital economy.

Magdalena Piech Head of Regulatory Affairs, Chair of EUTA
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We are members of different associations and industry groups where we participate in public consultations for both Polish and EU legislation projects. This is where we represent our sellers, consumers as well as the European technology companies at large. Among others, Allegro is a founder of the European Tech Alliance, an organisation we have chaired for the past three years, undertaking various initiatives to promote digitisation and the development of innovation-friendly legal frameworks. We work with representatives of public authorities such as the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) to promote education and the highest market standards. We also work closely with the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Rzecznik Małych i Średnich Przedsiębiorstw) and the public, economic regulators, in order to improve the situation of local business and ensure it has full representation.

We are a member of the following organizations:

We also cooperate with E-commerce Europe through the Chamber of Digital Economy [Allegro.pl], BusinessEurope within the Lewiatan Confederation [Allegro.pl] and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe as part of IAB Poland [Allegro.pl]. We also cooperate with SME Europe [Allegro.pl] through the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

It is a 2020 government project addressed to SMEs operating as brick-and-mortar shops.

The goal of the campaign developed by the Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu) is to encourage entrepreneurs to cooperate with online sales platforms as well as raise awareness of the opportunities for growing a business. The list of partners includes some of the biggest online-trade operators, including Allegro. The campaign was co-organised by GovTech Poland, the Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology and the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy.

The campaign included a webinar entitled “How to grow your business and establish your presence on Allegro?”

Our participation in the campaign is another example of Allegro supporting SMEs in this difficult time.

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Online sales is a great opportunity for many SMEs to grow and expand their business. Therefore, it is important to help them understand e-commerce by offering them a variety of affordable and hands-on training, webinars, and podcasts.

Our training sessions, courses and educational programs are for everyone, both for those who are just considering opening a store on our platform and for those who want to run it better.

Allegro Academy

We are running a pioneering educational program for sellers.

Allegro Academy is an educational platform with free online courses. This unique solution provides access to a very diverse thematic range of courses conducted by internal and external experts.

The Academy is available in two language versions: Polish and English. You can take advantage of its online courses, sign up for a webinar or listen to podcasts. So far, over 1 million unique visitors have visited the platform, both customers and sellers.

Our courses include over 400 videos with expert advice, animations, manuals, articles, mind-maps and many other additional materials.

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Just a few months after the platform was launched, more than half of the participants gave the Academy a score of 9 out of 10, and courses receive an average rating of 8. During its first year, the platform was visited by over a million Allegro sellers and buyers.

Kinga Hajducka Education and Merchant Development Leader

Meeting with Thierry Breton

On 15 April 2021, Damian Zapłata, CCO at Allegro, was invited by the European Commission to take part in a high-level meeting with Thierry Breton, Internal Market Commissioner, and Nicolas Schmit, Jobs and Social Rights Commissioner. During the meeting, he presented Allegro’s achievements in the area of raising digital competencies in e-commerce. Allegro Academy was presented as one of the examples of our commitment to this area. Our project can become inspiration for other EU companies that are keen to raise digital competencies of their employees and customers. We will continue to share our know-how and experience within the framework of the EU’s Pact for Skills.

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