2020 ESG

We support sellers during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the unprecedented year of 2020, we offered support to entrepreneurs, both our sellers and retailers previously operating offline.

155 million
The total value of our support package for entrepreneurs

At different times throughout the year, our support package included deferred payments. For new businesses, no fees applied for the period of the first three months. Thanks to this effort, many shops that had to close overnight because of the lockdown could quickly reopen by migrating to online sales. Our free-of-charge, three-month support program made it possible for many companies to improve their financial standing and operational stability.

Allegro Lokalnie

Small, local businesses can now sell their products on Allegro Lokalnie, free of charge. With this new category launched to address their needs, “Lokalny Ryneczek” offers convenience and shopping safety, both for sellers and customers, thanks to its quick online payments and a variety of delivery options.

During lockdown, many local businesses such as florists, bakeries and groceries, many of them run by owner or family-owned, had to close. As a result, customers started looking for new ways of communicating with their favourite sellers via the social media and trying to organise their local deliveries. Between 16 April and 31 May, “Lokalny Ryneczek” developed by Allegro made it possible for local companies to resume sales online and do it for free. This solution made it possible for them to reach out to the customers in their neighbourhood or even from across Poland. The only condition was that they had to sell products categorised as essential: food, personal care products, cosmetics, pet products and plants.

We did not slow down in the second half of the year. Over 30,000 new companies joined our platform, and we were happy to support their development. We also launched a variety of educational initiatives as well as set up a dedicated team to support our customers in taking their first steps on Allegro as well as in e-commerce.

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