2020 ESG

We support customers and sellers in sustainable development

We make sure that shopping on Allegro is always successful, but at the same time we support both customers and sellers in their efforts to do it in a sustainable way, one that takes into account the limited natural resources and the condition of the natural environment.

In practice
Allegro Naturally: a wide selection of sustainable, certified products

On Allegro, we promote sustainable development through Naturalnie.pl, a place where you can find products made in harmony with nature and produced by responsible companies. Customers will find products of the highest quality, often certified – all the way from natural cosmetics to food products, including those suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Allegro Naturalnie is a space where you can find socially responsible products that are in harmony with nature.

Julia Fic Campaign Manager

Sustainable deliveries and packaging

We support our customers in reducing their carbon footprint during the delivery of products. We enable customers to search for products by location so that they can take into account the distance from home when making their choice. TThe shorter the path between the seller and the buyer, the lower the carbon emissions. This kind of change may seem small from the point of view of an individual customer. However, given the scale of transactions on Allegro, it helps cut millions of kilometres and thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

At Allegro, we are convinced that both small and large purchases should be packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. Buyers and sellers report the need to reduce plastic more and more.

We understand this approach, which is why we conduct numerous activities for sellers to raise environmental awareness and give practical tips on how to be more eco-friendly, including as part of the Allegro Academy (Akademia Allegro), where we provide free courses on zero-waste packaging and many other environmental issues. We also offer environmentally friendly packaging that will make it easier for even more retailers to take care of the environment.

We have introduced eco-friendly packaging options for sellers at very competitive prices. At Allegro, we order those in huge quantities at wholesale rates, and we do not derive any profit from resale.

Teresa Bukalska DEX Project Team Manager
2.5 million parcels
Our ambition is for at least 2.5 million parcels ordered on Allegro every month to be shipped in eco-friendly packaging by 2022.
In practice

According to the Green Generation 2.0 report prepared by the Mobile Institute, as many as 35% of customers declare that they pay attention to whether their online purchases are packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. In fact, every third customer is ready to pay extra for such an option. Poles, including Allegro customers, are becoming more and more aware as consumers every year.

At Allegro, we know how to help reduce the amount of waste and improve the quality of materials used to pack parcels. In 2020, we laid the groundwork to introduce sustainable packaging ahead of our 2021 campaign to encourage, educate and support sellers in choosing environmentally friendly packaging.

We want all products sent by the Official Allegro Store to be packed using sustainable cardboard boxes, paper fillers and tapes, which have international certificates confirming that the raw materials used for their production come from recycling, have been obtained in a sustainable manner throughout the entire chain and are suitable for recycling. We have introduced an offer of ecological packaging for sellers at very competitive prices. At Allegro we order them in huge quantities at wholesale rates, and we do not derive any profit from resale.

For more information about our environmentally friendly packaging solutions, go to this website.

Allegro joining the Climate Leadership program powered by UN Environment

Climate Leadership builds a community of business leaders who understand the and see it as an opportunity for development. In cooperation with external experts of the Program, companies develop and then implement solutions that measurably reduce their negative impact on the global climate.

Allegro joined the program as part of its project to implement the principles of a circular economy. One of the assumptions of Climate Leadership is that each participant should propose a commitment that will measurably implement changes counteracting the climate crisis.

Allegro Lokalnie – The Second Life of Products

82% of online shoppers buy and sell second-hand goods online
Allegro Lokalnie is a place where buyers can find items from private sellers while enjoying the same good experience as when buying from professional sellers. With Allegro Lokalnie, it is even easier to buy and sell, find unique items at attractive prices and be sure that online shopping is safe. As an additional perk, the items are often second-hand, and Allegro Lokalnie gives them a second life, in line with the reuse principle of a circular economy.

We created Allegro Lokalnie to promote local exchange and encourage both buyers and sellers to give items a second life. The popularity and results exceeded our expectations. To encourage Allegro Lokalnie customers to exchange unused items, we organise various engaging events such as this year's Book Week and Children's Day. In under six months following the launch of the website, 1 million active offers were posted daily, and this number is still growing, having reached over 2 million offers per day on Allegro Lokalnie in March 2021.

Karol Czupryński C2C/Classifieds Director

Allegro Lokalnie is the second most popular C2C e-commerce platform in Poland (according to the Gemius / PBI survey of September 2020).

Allegro for „clean air”

One of the most important environmental problems in Poland is the quality of the air we breathe. Many Polish cities are at the top of the rankings of the most polluted cities in Europe. One of the reasons is domestic coal stoves that do not meet the applicable norms.

In March 2020, we signed a cooperation agreement with Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology, Polish Smog Alert (Polski Alarm Smogowy) as well as the chairman of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). As part of the Anti-Smog Coalition (Koalicja Antysmogowa) we have decided to remove from our platform all offers with coal stoves that fail to meet the legal requirements. In 2020, we removed 300 offers.

Additionally, in order to ensure a higher level of safety, Allegro introduced a provision in its regulations, according to which stoves can only be offered if the required documentation (certificates) is attached to the offer.

The results of initiatives of the Anti-Smog Coalition in 2020
Number of removed offers concerning coal stoves not meeting the legal requirements and violating the Allegro User Agreement 300

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