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We create a convenient environment for sellers

Allegro boasts over 128,000 professional sellers. Most of them are small-and-medium-sized businesses representing a very important pillar of the Polish economy. Creating jobs, they are a source of income for families all over the country.

Allegro invests in education initiatives aimed at supporting both sellers’ and customers’ needs.

Thanks to our subscription model*, sellers have access to a variety of tools designed to support their sales on Allegro, make day-to-day business management easier and boost the overall process efficiency.

Our business model works in such a way that in the vast majority of categories, we only charge the fee after the customer buys the item. It is fair to say that the sellers' success has a direct impact on our business. Regardless of the size of their company, business category or experience in e-commerce, we want everyone who operates their business on our platform to know that Allegro is a space offering unparalleled business success opportunities in Poland.

* A subscription is a set of tools that support sales on Allegro. Thanks to these tools, sellers can increase their efficiency and attract more customers to offers. The subscription levels are Expert, Professional and Basic.

Through continuous investments, we expand the opportunities for sellers, attract new customers and help meet their expectations to the best of our abilities.

Thanks to this, they buy even more willingly and more often, and this translates to an increase in the profits of companies operating on the platform. Both existing and prospective sellers can get to know the tools already available and learn how to manage their offers and increase their sales through our special programs tailored to their segment, life cycle, activity on the platform, etc.

In our sustainability strategy, delivery and logistics is an area where we can have a very big impact. In addition to a logistics centre, our projects also include Allegro pick-up points and a network of green parcel locker systems. When expanding our network, we take into account not only essential aspects such as location safety and proximity to customers but also environmental considerations and how well the lockers blend in with the surroundings.

Grzegorz Czapski Corporate Development Director

A new logistics service

We are planning to launch a new logistics service for businesses selling on the platform. The service will cover comprehensive order handling, including storing goods, packing and dispatching, as well as handling returns. Our research has revealed that for merchants the order fulfilment process is the most burdensome and time-consuming. By entrusting fulfilment to Allegro, they will be able to fulfil orders quicker and more efficiently.

A new logistics service

The new logistics service will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses: they will not need to invest in warehouses and their infrastructure, or hire additional employees during seasonal peaks. This will allow them to focus on discovering attractive goods and promoting them on Allegro. Thanks to the new service, merchants will make their offers more attractive and will be in a better position to meet customer expectations in terms of the speed of delivery. See more

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