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We support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

From the beginning of the pandemic, we set in motion many initiatives to address the negative consequences of COVID-19.

We made sure that our platform runs smoothly, and our customers can shop in a fast and safe manner. We made Allegro SMART! available to everyone free of charge for 3 months and gave existing subscribers a 3-month extension. That way, our customers could shop comfortably, with free delivery to a collection point or through a courier service. Despite the pandemic, we made sure that parcels were sent on time, even on the day the order was placed.

In practice
Hotline for Seniors

Allegro.pl is the second most popular website visited by seniors, right after the popular internet search engine. ("Silverbook 2019" KIGS) Seniors compare Allegro to a gigantic shopping centre where you can buy almost anything. Safety and convenience in online shopping are especially important to them. People who are senior in age are interested in shopping that can be done without leaving home, quickly, comfortably, safely and online. Those who still feel insecure in their new environment are helped by the Hotline for Seniors that we have launched. Consultants operating a special hotline (number 616,271,777) are at their disposal. This solution offers practical navigation through the world of shopping on Allegro in real time. The hotline is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00 (except on holidays). We have also teamed up with KIGS (The National Institute of Seniors ) in order to better respond to the needs of senior-aged customers.

The Hotline for Seniors proved that mature customers are interested in shopping online from the comfort of their homes, quickly, conveniently and safely. Allegro partnered with the National Institute of Silver Economy (KIGS) to better respond to the needs of seniors.
The pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the previously excluded seniors had to take a crash course in using computers and mobile devices. All this to stay in touch with their loved ones, entertain themselves and restock essential supplies. Thanks to helpful solutions such as the Hotline for Seniors we launched at the beginning, the elderly can receive advice on online shopping and be guided step by step by consultants through the entire purchase process: from setting up the account to helping with the choice of the most convenient payment and delivery method, including free delivery with Allegro Smart!

Mirosława Kawala Customer Service Director Allegro.pl
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