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Employee engagement

There are many channels of communication with employees at Allegro, including our Insite+ social media platform, our Slack qa_allegro channel, where employees can ask questions about the company’s strategy and employee matters, and Allegro Home, a webpage with the most important documents, links and other information. In 2020, we held our 10th Town_Hall, a meeting of all employees where they could learn about the company’s strategy or new projects and ask the management board questions. Q&A sessions were also part of the three quarterly Allegro Business Update meetings (attended by an average of around 1,400 employees), where the company presented its results and the most important business news. We also held an additional meeting with the management board to discuss Allegro’s IPO.

At Allegro, we greatly value transparent and ongoing communication with employees. Every quarter we hold company update meetings, where employees can hear about the company's strategy, operational results and new projects.

Agnieszka Czarnecka PR Manager

“We help because we can” is a unique Allegro employee volunteering program. (...) In 2020, we implemented supported a total of 77 social initiatives throughout Poland under two editions of the program, involving over 200 Allegro employees.

Marta Byra Social and Charity Projects Expert

At Allegro, we are proud to support employee volunteering. Employees are involved not only in well-known nationwide initiatives such as WOŚP or Szlachetna Paczka, but also in numerous local charitable and educational activities. In 2020, we established a special charity fund worth PLN 2 million (two editions of the program) to support employees' initiatives in the fight against coronavirus As part of the #pomagamy_bo_umiemy (#we_help_because_we_can) campaign, Allegro employees identified specific organizations and institutions and proposed a set of actions covering those most in need, especially the ones heavily impacted by the pandemic.These included seniors, children and adolescents, people with disabilities, in a crisis of homelessness or socially excluded, but also local communities, patients, hospices, social welfare homes and healthcare workers.

Thanks to Allegro, we were able to support the “I help because I can” Association by executing the “Psychologists for Medics” project. (...) The "I help because I can" association prepared educational materials for medical professionals and organized webinars during which they discussed psychological tools that help to cope with difficult situations.

Agata Voelkel PR Officer, Allegro volunteer

In two editions of the #pomagamy campaign, we implemented 77 projects, with over 200 employees involved. They brought real help to people and institutions most impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first edition of the program, our donations included:

  • over 100,000 pieces of medical equipment, such as gloves, masks, thermometers, electronic nannies,
  • 6,000 meals for the elderly and hospital staff
  • over 500 face shields for GOPR and hospitals
  • over 250 masks for Centrum Uzależnień w Poznaniu (Addiction Centre in Poznań)
  • over 100 laptops and tablets for schools and families in need.

In the second edition of the program, our support went to both large cities (Poznań, Warsaw, Łódź and Lublin) and smaller towns (Augustów, Bochnia, Broniszewice, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Komorów, Konin, Kraśniewo, Łomża, Malbork, Murowana Goślina, Nidzica, Nowy Białynin, Oborniki, Piaseczna, Puszczykowo, Radwanowice, Sekłak, Skórzewo and Tłuszcz).

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