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We create the best shopping experience

We help our customers fulfill their needs, desires and passions

We provide free and safe access to a huge number of products anywhere in Poland. Every month Allegro.pl is visited by 20 million customers, or 78% of all Internet users in Poland (according to Gemius).

Allegro provides the best shopping experience on the Polish Internet, and we are pleased that consumers in Poland start looking for necessary products on our platform. Over 200 million offers are waiting for them here, and the number is constantly growing. Despite such a huge selection, the search itself is very easy, intuitive and based on fair and transparent criteria. Thanks to this, everyone can find exactly what they are looking for with us. You can order purchases from Allegro to anywhere in Poland – we provide our customers with the largest logistics network in the country (over 30 thousand collection points and parcel machines).

Shopping on Allegro is simple and convenient while the vast majority of transactions are successful. In the few cases where a problem arises, customers can easily contact the seller and ask for help using an innovative mediation system, i.e. Discussions (Dyskusje). In a situation where an agreement cannot be reached, you can ask Allegro employees for support. We offer quick and easy access to help 24/7, for both sellers and buyers. Our team of over 600 customer service professionals (CX) responds quickly and efficiently to all questions and concerns. We are available to customers through the Help tab on our website, e-mail, traditional contact form, Allegro chat, callback service, Whatsapp and Messenger applications. Seniors who would like to set up an account or find out more about shopping on Allegro can call a special The Allegro Hotline for seniors.

20 million
customers visit Allegro.pl every month
78 %
of all Internet users in Poland visit Allegro every month
200 million
offers are waiting for Customers
30 k
collection points and parcel machines
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Satisfaction level of our customers and sellers

We regularly monitor the satisfaction level of our customers and sellers. Everyone has the opportunity to complete an online survey and express their opinion on the quality of Allegro service and how satisfied they are about the way a specific issue was resolved. Our customers can also evaluate their satisfaction with a seller-specific transaction, leaving a review in the form of stars and a comment. We are also developing a product rating system to assist you in purchasing a specific item. We share information with sellers about the quality of their sales and allow them to monitor its level by providing a special panel with data.

In 2020, our customer satisfaction index (Net Promoter Score, NPS) reached a high score of +72. This is a level comparable to that achieved by the most famous and popular consumer brands such as Starbucks (77), YouTube (59) and Spotify (46).
+72 Net Promoter Score

4x Service Quality Star for Allegro [Gwiazda Jakości Obsługi]

In 2021, for the fourth year in a row, we received the Service Quality Star in the e-commerce website category. This award is extremely important to us because it is awarded by the customers themselves as part of the satisfaction survey conducted by the Polish Quality Program (Polski Program Jakości). It is the biggest and the most demanding jury we can think of, which chooses companies with the best customer service based on its own experience. Thank you for your votes!

Our customers can rely on not only support throughout the purchasing process, but also our availability and assistance wherever they need it. Our advisors are available on all Allegro channels on social media. They monitor internet fora and actively participate in thematic groups. This sometimes requires a non-standard approach. Our Special Case Team is a dedicated team within our customer service department to solve cases that require a non-standard approach. It has already completed a long list of very interesting challenges. Examples of such actions include support for the MONAR community in Gaudynki, or an action to help a man whose house burned down.

Allegro is like a huge shopping mall, dealing with millions of transactions. In the Customer Experiance team, we know there are people and their emotions at the beginning and end of every purchase. We put people first. Despite the fact that every day and night over 600 consultants watch over our customers and partners across all contact channels, we still encounter reports that delight us, move us or are, quite simply, out of the ordinary.

Wojciech Matelski Team leader, Special Case Team

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