2020 ESG

Allegro’s involvement in the fight against the negative effects of COVID-19

Already in the first days of the pandemic, our priority was the safety of our employees and their families.

We took care of the safety of employees and the comfort of their remote work.

PLN 490 million the value of Allegro's support for the fight against COVID-19
We also focused on implementing a number of activities that supported our customers, sellers and the immediate environment, especially the Polish health care system.
Due to the sudden closure of brick-and-mortar shops, our customers have used Allegro more than ever before, ordering goods delivered in the safest way possible, without leaving home. Despite the very high interest in shopping on Allegro, we knew that customers were counting on us and we made sure that the necessary products reached them as quickly and predictably as usual. This was helped by free deliveries and returns under the SMART! Program, which was available free of charge for three months from mid-March to mid-June 2020.

We also supported current sellers and companies that are just starting to sell on the platform. Many of them are small and medium-sized Polish enterprises that have been particularly hard hit by the restrictions. We improved their financial liquidity by extending payment terms to 60 days, postponing changes to the platform, and resigning from fees for the first 90 days for new sellers. The latter solution was continued throughout the remainder of 2020.

Through grants and material assistance, we also directly supported health care workers and community organizations, allocating nearly PLN 6.9 million for it. In addition, we established a special fund from which we financed the initiatives of our employees #pomagamy_bo_umiemy (#we_help_because_we_can).

For more information on all our efforts to combat the effects of the pandemic, click HERE

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