2020 ESG

We support the professional and personal development of our employees

We want Allegro to be a place full of challenges and opportunities for our employees.

We provide support in professional development for everyone, guarantee equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, and offer competitive salaries and benefits. In return, we expect professional ambition and willingness to develop, the ability to cope with a rapidly changing and complex environment, and the awareness that our work, innovations and solutions affect the daily purchases of millions of consumers. We are very pleased with the high marks that we receive in the annual surveys from our employees.

Professional development

Professional development of employees is crucial for the development of Allegro. We have prepared a large selection of training sessions, workshops and conferences for them, available through a special development platform called MindUp. It includes training in the so-called soft skills, technical training, managerial programs and development tools.

In 2020, we introduced #zdalninazdalna (#remoteforremote), a special program on effective remote work including psychological guidance, workshops and webinars, as well as practical content and advice. An important element of our development offer is also the financial support provided by the company to people who want to study and gain professional qualifications at the best universities, as well as the opportunity to participate in paid conferences or individual coaching sessions.

Olga Granoszewska Learning & Development Manager
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In 2020, 59% of our employees participated in at least one training course.

There were 501 internal training sessions with a total of 5,247 participants. On average, there were 8.2 training hours per employee, compared to 0.74 hours in 2019. At Allegro, we do not break down training hours by employment structure.

The presented data concerns only Allegro.pl employees, as employees of other companies do not have access to the MindUp! Training platform where the data comes from. Training was also not monitored in other companies.

59 %
of employees who participated in at least one training course
There were
internal training sessions
participants of internal training sessions
average training hour per employee

Training sessions

Training sessions 2020 2019
Total number of training sessions participants 5,247 4,416
% of training sessions participants
Women 45% 32%
Men 55% 68%
Number of unique participants 1,416 1,386
% of employees who participated in at least one training course 59% 74%
Women 638 443
Men 778 943
Average training hour per employee 8.2 0.74


In 2020, female employees participated in a greater number of training courses than in the previous year and generally participated in training more often than men. 41.8% of Allegro employees are women, and 45% of all training participants are women.

Internal training sessions

Internal training 2020 2019
Number of internal trainings 501 443
Average training assessment – 4.5 (on a scale from 1 to 5) 4.5 4.5
Number of internal trainers 171 191
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The MindUp Program

The MindUp Program consists of:

  • Get knowledge – the most useful training sessions, professional workshops, postgraduate studies, courses and exams for specific positions, in the area in which we operate,
  • Share experience – e.g. training sessions during which employees have the opportunity to play the role of trainers and share their expertise with others within the organization. For this purpose, employees receive the necessary support from the HR department, which prepares them for the role of trainers
  • Unlock self-awareness – training focused on the development of the so-called soft skills stimulating creativity and innovation
  • Be inspired – meetings with various authorities where they share their inspiring experiences and good practices with our team
  • Lead others – training for leaders to develop managerial skills, e.g. team management, task delegation, collaboration and communication. We offer new leaders the WarmUp program, supporting them in their first steps on the managerial path.

Allegro is developing very quickly, and recruitment is an ongoing process. We are looking for and wish to attract the best talents, but also develop them within our company.

Mateusz Jabłonowski Employer Branding Leader
In practice

We encourage our employees to share their knowledge and best practices, both inside and outside the organization. As part of the Allegro Tech initiative, our employees participate as speakers in a number of open events, including Allegro Tech Talks, Allegro UX Talks, and Misja – zmiana branży! (Mission – industry change!).

Summarizing the year 2020, as part of Allegro Tech, 135 speakers presented at external events, we were present at 75 events, published 13 podcasts and the Allegro Tech blog had as many as 255,000 views! We have made 13 episodes of our new format - Allegro Tech Live. Our YouTube channel has over 26 hours of recordings packed full with knowledge and inspirations, and Allegro Tech already boasts 81 Open Source projects!

Allegro Tech

Many years ago, we created Allegro Tech, an initiative that promotes and disseminates knowledge in the field of technology through conferences, meetups and the allegro.tech blog. We integrate the IT environment and share best practices. Allegro Tech is made up of a community of over 1,000 technology experts who are eager to share their knowledge and experience with others.

The annual Allegro Tech Talks meetings are part of Allegro Tech. Our specialists discuss with IT market specialists and talk about projects implemented in the organization, the biggest challenges and implemented solutions.

  • 1,000 technology experts

ATM, or Allegro Tech Meeting

is an annual meeting of Allegro technology staff, where we share our knowledge about current projects, problems we encounter and unusual solutions that we have implemented. In addition, we can also get to know each other better, because we work in different locations on a daily basis. "From IT to IT" (“Od IT dla IT”) is the motto that has accompanied us from the very beginning, in 2009, when the first two-day event for Allegro engineers took place in Poznań.
The thirteenth edition of ATM took place in September 2020 completely online. The program included 40 presentations and 6 thematic paths (power, speed, courage, agility, endurance, strength).

In practice

At Allegro, we run a mentoring program and an internal mobility program where employees temporary change their workplace for a period from two weeks to three months. The main goals of this program are:
● support for knowledge sharing between teams so that the visitors can learn about another area of activity and use this knowledge in their projects when they return to their teams.
● retention of talented employees. If an employee is considering changing jobs, they can first check how they would fit into another project before they decide to change the team permanently.
● support in changing the field of activity. Any employee can participate in the program, provided that both their current and prospective supervisor agree and that the benefits for all interested parties are demonstrated.

Feedback and evaluation culture

Performance Management is a process where the individual performance of each employee can be assessed consistently based on objective, factual and evidence-based feedback against business goals and demonstrated behaviours. Employees are assessed twice a year.

The path of promotion is closely related to employee evaluation and based on an objective assessment of the level of competencies and skills, based on a set of criteria that are especially relevant to us (such as the impact on the work of the organisation, the need for solving complex problems analytically and innovatively, communication skills and expert knowledge).

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Employee assessment 2020 2019
% of employees assessed 93.9% 92.5%
Women 86.4% 85.2%
Men 99.3% 97.5%
Career path % of promoted women 2020 2019
to managerial functions 1.7% 1.4%
to director positions 0.26% 0.0%
to level-C positions 0.0% 0.0%
Career path % of promoted men 2020 2019
to managerial functions 2.79% 2.89%
to director positions 0.13% 0.0%
to level-C positions 0.0% 0.0%


Excluding eBilet employees and employees on a trial period.

Employee assessment covers everyone who meets the criterion of at least 3 months of work experience, including employees returning from leave (i.e. long-term sick leave, parental leave, maternity leave). These employees typically do not work long enough to get their performance appraised. This is the main reason why the above rate is not 100%, especially for women.

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  • Internal indicator

Annual Engagement Survey - BAZA

We create a friendly workplace and regularly check the level of commitment of our employees. Every year we conduct a satisfaction survey, which we treat as the basic source of information about our company as a workplace. By analysing the survey results, we are able to better understand what translates to employee engagement, as well as identify areas we should work on.

The survey is confidential and we compare the results with those of the best technology companies in the world. In 2020, we achieved the highest engagement score in Allegro’s history.

Annual Engagement Survey 2020 New Tech 1000+ 2020 2019
Engagement score 78% 73% 73%
Company Confidence 91% 78% 78%
Performance 89% 80%
Teamwork & Ownership 88% 71% 88%
Learning & Development 85% 76% 83%
Collaboration & Communication 85% not applicable 83%
Culture 85% not applicable 76%
Enablement 84% 73% 80%
Management 83% not applicable 83%
Alignment & Involvement 79% 77% 71%
Leadership 79% 67% 71%
Feedback & Recognition 75% 64% 76%
BaZa Action 64% 49% 65%
Participation in the survey 94% 75-90% 94%


At Allegro, we aim to attract and retain the most talented people. We recruit the best candidates with great development potential. We offer our employees the opportunity to participate in large and complex projects, extensive development opportunities and a competitive remuneration package. Our remuneration policy is aimed at acquiring, motivating and retaining employees who represent the highest level of competence and experience. It is based on equal treatment of employees and creates a framework that ensures that everyone who performs the same tasks is equally compensated.

In total, Allegro spent 66.5% more on employee salaries in 2020 than in the previous year, i.e. PLN 490.1 million. This was due to an increase in employment by 27% year on year, as well as an increase in basic salaries and an increase in annual bonuses due to good results generated by individual companies. Staff costs also include one-off costs of PLN 3.3 million resulting from COVID-19 support for employees.

Allegro shareholder culture

Obtaining the status of a public company has given us the opportunity to introduce the Allegro Incentive Plan (AIP), a long-term incentive program based on Allegro.eu shares, the aim of which is to enable employees to become co-owners. This is a unique program in terms of the scale and scope of the shares transfer.

On the day the company went public, all employees employed at Allegro.eu under an employment contract received an allocation of Allegro.eu shares (listed on the stock exchange) worth PLN 10,000, according to the IPO price. The shares will be awarded free of charge one year after the IPO (i.e. in October 2021).

The second element of the AIP is a plan to use shares to motivate and reward current and future employees in positions of key management, product or expert importance. The status of a public company will enable us to use shares to build long-term employee involvement in the company’s development. We will launch this program in 2021.


We want the best to work at Allegro, and we evaluate our job candidates using objective criteria. We use a standardised competency-based behavioral interview, and the recruitment process is supported by the so-called Hiring Squad, i.e. a group of specialists from various fields and at various levels of their careers, whose task is to make the final selection of the person who will be employed.

Each person applying to work at Allegro, regardless of the recruitment decision, can always count on feedback. We place particular emphasis on information provided to those whom we have decided not to hire. We point out gaps in their competencies and suggest educational materials that may help fill in those gaps should a candidate in question decide to re-apply in the future.

Every year we open our doors to people starting their professional careers. The paid internship program called Summer e-Xperience allows you to learn about the operation of the largest e-commerce platform in Poland, and the best interns have a chance to stay with the company for longer. In 2020, 53 people took part in e-Xperience, of which as much as 70% found employment at Allegro.

All program participants are looked after by a mentor. They can not only take part in training but also test themselves in working independently on real projects and challenges. The Summer e-Xperience program is recommended by 100% percent of the trainees who took part in it.

All program participants are placed under the care of a mentor. They not only take part in training, but also try their hand at working on real projects and solving problems.

Kamila Ignaszak-Jóźwiak Learning and Development Specialist

We have prepared an onboarding program for every person starting work at Allegro. In it, we show how our company works, how we care about customers and sellers and we present our products and technologies. Employees also learn about the policies and company rules as well as undergo theoretical and practical training in the use of internal Allegro systems.

For several years now, the onboarding program has also been available for people returning to work after a long absence. This also applies to parents who stayed on parental leave for more than a year.

Wioleta Banaszek Learning and Development Specialist

In 2020, 694 people took part in the three-day onboarding process, including 42 people returning after a long absence.

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  • S-M3
New joiners 2020 2019
Women 42.2% 289 43.7% 206
Men 57.8% 394 56.3% 265
under the age of 30 58.2% 398 62,6% 295
at the age of 31-40 33.5% 229 35% 163
at the age of 41-50 7.5% 51 2% 11
at the age of 51-60 0.8% 5 0% 2
over the age of 60 0.0% 0.0% 0% 0
Employee turnover rate 8.9% 10.5%
Women 9.3% 12.1%
Men 8.5% 9.4%
Average number of years of employment in the company 2020 2019
Women 3.4 3.6
Men 3.7 3.9
  • 102-41
  • S-M4
  • #3

Allegro employees are not covered by collective bargaining agreements, and Employee Representation (Reprezentacja Pracowników) is the lawfully elected employee representative body. The company does not provide any pension plans other than those required by local labour law.

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