2020 ESG

Allegro: rapid growth for customers and sellers

Allegro is the most recognisable e-commerce brand operating in Poland. In 2020, approximately 13 million active buyers used our Allegro.pl shopping platform. They could choose among over 200 million offers from over 120,000 sellers.

13 million
active buyers in 2020
200 million
120 k
21 million
people visiting per month
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Allegro.pl is visited by an average of 21 million people per month, which corresponds to 78% of all Internet users in Poland.

Sellers offer goods in many categories on Allegro.pl, including automotive, home and garden, books, multimedia, collections and art, fashion and footwear, electronics, products for children, health and beauty, sports and tourism as well as a supermarket. These are primarily new products offered in a business-to-consumer model ( B2C ), i.e. sold by merchants operating on the platform directly to consumers. Private individuals can also sell on Allegro, which is facilitated by a dedicated service called Allegrolokalnie.pl. These are the so-called consumer-to-consumer transactions (C2C). At the beginning of 2021, these services were supplemented by Allegro Biznes, which facilitates business-to-business-transactions (B2B). Ceneolokalnie.pl, on the other hand, is a service for presenting offers of online shops and partners who cooperate with Ceneo.pl, a Polish multi-category price comparison site. The Group is also the operator of the eBilet.pl, a ticket sales platform for entertainment, cultural, family and sports events and one of the largest websites in Poland.

Our ESG approach

As one of the largest companies in Poland, we’ve laid out and consistently follow an ambitious ESG strategy. It’s an integral part of the way we do business, because we belive we set ambitious goals and make long-term plans that will bring tangible benefits to not only us but also to our customers and stakeholders. Our plans respond to the growing market expectations, especially from investors, the business environment, community partners, and customers. We are working on a plan to achieve climate neutrality, which, thanks to the scale effect as well as education of customers and merchants, sets us apart from other listed companies.

Aleksandra Sroka-Krzyżak Strategy Director / Chief of Staff

A few facts about selected companies from the Allegro.eu Group:

Allegro.pl - Poland's most loved marketplace

  • A trusted e-shopping destination – in Poland, about twice as many users start searching for products on Allegro as on Google.
  • The largest seller of non-food products with twice the market share of the second largest seller of non-food products in Poland.
  • One of the most recognisable Polish brands.
  • One of the ten largest e-commerce websites in the world (according to Similarweb).
  • Highly rated online brand.
13 million
active buyers
120 k
Customer satisfaction index
86 %
Spontaneous brand recognition
380 million
visits per month

Ceneo.pl - a market-leading price comparison website

years in the market
25 million
15 million

eBilet.pl – one of the leaders in online ticket sales in Poland with the widest selection of events

event organisers
>1 million
tickets sold
visits each day

Shopping peak on Allegro

Christmas is the traditional shopping peak in Poland. During this period, the traffic on our platform can be up to four times higher than usual. On Monday, December 14, 2020, we recorded the highest number of daily transactions on Allegro for last year. On that day, an average of 117 people visited our platform every second, buying over 4.6 million items, most of which were likely Christmas gifts. The most popular categories were toys, household appliances, decorations, computers and consoles.

offers on Allegro.pl in December 2020

If someone were to accept the challenge of reviewing all of the up-to-date offers available on Allegro, they would have to spend … over 30 years doing it (and click fast, because, for calculation purposes, we assumed 5 seconds per offer ;-)).

Considering, however, that 28 new offers are added to Allegro every second, it is safe to assume that a single lifetime is not enough to stay up to date with all the offers.

In December, an offer number 10,000,000,000 (yes, ten billion!) was posted on Allegro. This means that so many offers have been added by our sellers since the launch of our service! They were a pair of jeans. Needless to say, perhaps, we were keen to get hold of them and luckily we did. Once decorated by Jurek Owsiak they were donated to a charity auction!

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Key Allegro.eu business indicators

The total number of employees* 3,159 2,479
GMV (PLN million) 35,110.9 22,801.0
Net revenues from sales (PLN million) 3,997.8 2,592.3
Costs (PLN million) 785.4 425.1
Total capitalisation: (PLN) 15,147.9 14,278.0
liabilities (debt) 4,326.0 6,018.6
equity 8,089.6 6,683.6
*end-of-the-year figures, the number of employees includes different forms of employment: employment contract, subcontractors and persons who are not directly employed (employment agencies and outsourcing companies)
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From a formal standpoint, Allegro.pl is a subsidiary of the Luxembourg-based Allegro.eu. Allegro.pl and Ceneo.pl are based in Poznań. The Allegro Group also owns the leading price comparison engine, Ceneo.pl as well as eBilet, a ticket sales platform.

Information about our corporate governance is available here.

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and last name
Age Board of Directors appointment date End of tenure Resignation date Post
Darren Huston 55 2020 2026 Non-executive Chair of the Board of Directors
François Nuyts 48 2020 2026 Executive Director
Jonathan Eastick 54 2020 2026 Executive Director
David Barker 53 2020 2026 Non-Executive Director
Richard Sanders 49 2020 2026 Non-Executive Director
Paweł Padusiński 43 2020 2026 Non-Executive Director
Nancy Cruickshank 50 2020 2026 Independent Non-Executive Director
Carla Smits-Nusteling 54 2020 2026 Independent Non-Executive Director
Danielle Arendt-Michels 60 2020 12.10.2020 Non-Executive Director
Gautier Laurent 37 2020 12.10.2020 Non-Executive Director
Séverine Michel 43 2020 12.10.2020 Non-Executive Director
Cédric Pedoni 45 2020 12.10.2020 Non-Executive Director
Gilles Willy Duroy 37 2020 12.10.2020 Non-Executive Director

The CEO of Allegro.eu is Francois Nuyts.

Awards for 2020

Our social activities and the dynamic development of the platform, which you can read about in this report, have been noticed and appreciated by representatives of the industry, the business community and, most importantly, consumers.

This, in turn, has resulted in a number of awards and distinctions that we are very proud of! They covered various aspects of our business: excellent customer service, stock market debut, building a friendly workplace and, of course, activities related to sustainable development.

Poland’s Best Employers 2021 Forbes

In the ranking by Forbes and Statista, we ranked first among employers in the retail industry. We are all the more pleased with our success because we owe it largely to the votes of our employees!

Service Quality Star

For the fourth year in a row we have received the Service Quality Star in the e-commerce platform category! This confirms that we continue to offer the highest standard of Customer Experience in Poland.

Retail Business Awards 2020

Allegro won an award in the Market Success category. Commenting on the verdict, a member of the jury panel said that the title is awarded to the company which managed to outpace its competitors in increasing sales thanks to the business model, managerial potential, competitive advantages and the situation in the market.

WSE award

The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) recognised us with the capital market leader award at the 2020 Stock Market Review for the IPO of the highest value in 2020.

Bulls and Bears

Award for the debut of the year at the 27th edition of the competition organised by the editors of the Parkiet daily.

Invest Cuffs

For Allegro.eu's stock exchange debut, awarded by the jury and with the investors' votes.

Ethical Company

The highest ethical standards, sustainable development initiatives and corporate social responsibility efforts as well as our commitment to mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have been appreciated and recognised! We received the title of the Ethical Company 2020, awarded to outstanding companies by Puls Biznesu and PwC Legal.

CSR Silver Leaf

We received the Polityka 2021 CSR Silver Leaf title awarded to responsible business leaders by Tygodnik Polityka and Deloitte. We were also recognised for our effort to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CSR Silver Leaf proves that our everyday efforts in the area of sustainable development as well as our responsible management practices are of the highest quality.

Benefactor of the Year

At the 24th Benefactor of the Year Competition Gala organised by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy, we received an award in a special category for social and charitable initiatives mitigating the effects of the pandemic.

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