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We care about the health and safety of our employees

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Health and safety of our employees

Concern for the safety and health of our employees at work is not subject to discussions or compromises at Allegro. The company has an Occupational Health and Safety Policy in place and strict compliance with its provisions prevents accidents and occupational diseases. We constantly monitor the work environment at all company levels and systematically update occupational risk assessments. We also involve our employees in health and safety activities.

The aim of the Occupational Safety and Health Policy is to ensure safe and ergonomic working conditions through:

  • preventing accidents and occupational diseases
  • regularly monitoring the working environment in close cooperation with the administration team
  • systematic updates of occupational risk assessments
  • engaging employees in health and safety activities, and
  • raising awareness of health and ergonomics.

The Group has monitored the effects of the Occupational Safety and Health Policy and the number of work accidents. In 2020, only one minor accident was recorded. More about our approach at Annual Report of Allegro.eu S.A. Group (Summary of key development).

The company has introduced Health and Safety Instructions (Instrukcje BHP) and the Training Procedure (Procedura Szkoleniowa), as well as the Accident Procedure for both commuting-related and workplace situations. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our office reality, as most of the employees worked from home, as recommended. Given the need to adapt the occupational risk assessment to the current situation, we have updated this document with additional provisions related to COVID. Occupational risk assessment can be understood as a detailed identification and analysis of threats to which employees are exposed, depending on their position. Thanks to such an assessment, it is possible to verify whether sufficient measures have been applied to reduce or eliminate threats and to determine what still needs to be done. All employees got acquainted with the new regulations during compulsory e-learning training.

There is a special alias and a dedicated channel on the company messenger for communication with the health and safety department.

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We care about the health and safety of our employees

Our offices have been designed to be comfortable and safe, and safety procedures allow us to eliminate situations that are unfavorable to unhealthy to our employees. In 2020, one minor accident was reported.

Allegro complies with all regulations regarding health and safety training. Each employee hired in 2020 has undergone compulsory initial training. In accordance with current regulations, we also conduct periodic safety training for people with longer work experience in our organization. Participation in such training is compulsory, and lack of such training may result in removal from work.

In practice

We care about the health and well-being of our employees. Every year, we run the Akcja Zdrowie campaign, which includes a series of workshops, consultations and webinars. In 2020, the initiative was held on the training platform and was focused on remote work, all part of the #zdaninazdalna program. Employees had access to consultations with psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, training for a good start of the day, yoga training and 13 webinars. The list of webinars topics included health, hygiene and ergonomics of remote work, diet and nutrition, strengthening your body's immunity, yoga, relaxation and mental resilience, as well as coping with the pandemic and other issues.

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Number of accidents

Number of accidents 2020 2019
Minor accidents 1 5
Serious accidents 0 1
Fatal accidents 0 0
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We help Allegro employees take care of their physical health. The Health Action (Akcja Zdrowie), which has been run for many years at Allegro, is a series of workshops, consultations and webinars promoting a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, the initiative took place via the Mindup training platform and was devoted to remote work as part of #zdaninazdalna. Consultations with psychologists, physiotherapists and nutritionists, and 13 meetings were all part of it. All the recordings and materials are still available to employees. The topics of the webinars concerned health, hygiene and ergonomics of remote work, diet and nutrition, body immunity, yoga, relaxation, and mental resilience, as well as coping during the pandemic and beyond.

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We support employees during the pandemic

In 2020, the concept of employee safety took on a new meaning amid the pandemic. At Allegro, we reacted to the new challenge immediately by introducing remote work and a strict safety guidelines in our warehouses, among other measures.

Our measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • remote work for 95% of office workers
  • a PLN 1,000 voucher for home office equipment for each employee
  • moving training courses online
  • classes for managers on how to manage and organise work for people working out of the office
  • tests for employees who had contact with sick people and other employees
  • tests of teachers in our kindergartens and nurseries before opening them after each lockdown introduced by the authorities.

In addition, with the help of a qualified external company, we audited our offices and warehouses for the possibility of coronavirus transmission and implemented all remedies to minimise the risk of infection, whether in the office or in the warehouse.

Warehouse workers who cannot work remotely have been equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment. We also implemented a social distancing system, split the working time into three shifts, increased the cleaning frequency and installed thermal imaging cameras.

You can learn more about our COVID-19 measures here:: https://razem-wygramy.pl.

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Employee benefits

In addition to competitive pay, each person employed at Allegro can count on attractive benefits. These can be adapted to individual preferences. We are constantly developing the list of benefits offered to our team as part of the My Benefit System. Employees can choose the most attractive benefits using the credit points awarded to them every month:

  • medical care for employees and their relatives
  • sports cards for employees and their children and possibly their plus ones
  • co-financing kindergarten, nursery or childcare
  • transport allowance or company car park, season ticket for a bus or petrol
  • a restaurant card that allows you to use catering services in offices or nearby restaurants shopping vouchers, cinema tickets and much more.

The benefits that we offer employees also include coupons for Secret Santa, gifts for Children’s Day and Christmas, gadgets and gifts on the occasion of company events and fruit and vegetables delivered to the office.

In addition, our employees can take out life insurance at preferential prices not only for themselves but also for their spouse/partner.

In practice

Every year, we celebrate Children's Day in all locations together with our employees and their children. We provide many attractions at the event, including art workshops, games with children's entertainers, sweets, etc. In 2020, we could not organise Children's Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic; instead, all employees got an additional day off, and their children received gifts.

In practice

The company's “WOW” kindergarten and nursery for children of Allegro employees in Poznań has 57 places in three kindergarten groups and 20 in the nursery. The educational program focuses on the comprehensive development of children, who participate in numerous music and movement activities (eurhythmics, dance, taekwondo, music therapy), language (English and Spanish) and art activities. The program is further diversified with theatrical performances and creative workshops on healthy lifestyle, the environment, sustainable development and more. In 2020, as a way to support parents who were left alone at home with children, the employees of the kindergarten and nursery prepared interesting ways to spend time together during quarantine on a special Slack channel.

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