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We support merchants in sustainable growth

Whether you are a sole trader who are only starting on their business journey, a small enterprise with a few years of experience or a large corporation with a long history, you can rely on our help, tailored to your needs.

Reasons to use the platform

Every month, you have access to 21 million users visiting our pages
  • we invest significant resources to further boost Allegro traffic from multiple channels
  • we are continuously perfecting our mobile app so that our customers can buy whenever and wherever it suits them

We support you by offering professional services for every buyer

  • we contribute to/partially cover the cost of deliveries and returns
  • we continuously improve our platform

We are continuously improving sales efficiency

  • by offering sales-monitoring tools for managing your offer’s competitiveness
  • by integrating payment options with multiple service providers
  • by adding sales incentives aimed at promoting the best results
  • by implementing marketing campaigns
  • by developing our financial services, such as instalments, leasing or deferred payments (Allegro Pay)
  • by offering a wide variety of advertising tools
  • by providing unique delivery solutions and free-of-charge delivery programs
  • by sharing our know-how, offering training as well as dedicated programs (Allegro SMART!) for sellers

Allegro: your reliable partner

We are fully aware of the importance of financial liquidity. This is why, after each transaction, the money is transferred directly to sellers, with a few exceptions defined in Allegro User Agreement.

We have also introduced a deferred payment mechanism for businesses, giving sellers have quick access to payments for invoices (minus 0.5% commission) if the buyer (business) postpones the payment date, even by as many as 60 days. This means that the money from the transaction goes to the seller immediately after the transaction has been completed, regardless of the payment date chosen by the customer.

Our inspiring success stories coming from Allegro sellers

At Allegro, we have built a truly comfortable space for sellers. It offers a wide range of functionalities and allows them to effectively manage their sales process on our platform. We are also implementing a variety of special programs, both for the existing customers and the new sellers. These programs are designed to show users the tools available and help them better manage their offers and boost sales.

Agnieszka Kozłowska Commercial Operations Director
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My Sales Quality

Allegro has implemented a dedicated tool for managing sales and monitoring sales trends. We carefully measure all parameters and provide you with detailed information about the quality of your sales process. These tools make it possible for sellers to immediately identify their strengths as well as the weaknesses they need to work on. The information available makes it easier to control the quality of the sales process and assist sellers in growing their business with Allegro.

In practice
Our innovations: Allegro HUB

We are developing innovative solutions for deliveries

To ensure effective order and delivery management (the “3P”), Allegro has created the HUB, a unique, machine-learning, custom-designed software solution, which enables the integration of the entire Allegro platform with a number of logistics service providers, as well as over 128,000 sellers who rely on Allegro’s e-commerce platform.

The "HUB" makes it possible for buyers to enjoy a simple and intuitive monitoring experience for the expected delivery date as well as the delivery route. From the perspective of Allegro sellers and couriers, the platform offers advanced order-management options, status communication and billing alternatives. Sellers have access to our smart logistics network, which is easy to use and ensures a wide range of delivery options while making it possible to apply more competitive delivery prices thanks to Allegro’s framework agreements with our key logistics operators. These include InPost, DPD, UPS and Poczta Polska (Polish Post). As of December 2020, a great majority of our deliveries were made on the basis of our tools and contracts.

Out-of-court procedures for consumers and sellers

Allegro.pl supports the internal complaint-handling system, as defined by Art. 11 sec. 1 of the Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services. Users' complaints regarding the issues listed in this regulation may be submitted via https://na.allegro.pl/skarga.

In 2020, we received 1,282 complaints for almost 2,000,000 of all requests to the customer service department.

Allegro may attempt to settle a dispute amicably with a User running a business and using Allegro to offer goods to consumers through an independent mediator, once Allegro has consented to mediation. If a User (as defined in the preceding sentence) requests mediation from Allegro.pl and Allegro.pl accepts this proposal, the mediation will be conducted by a mediator from the European Mediation Institute (Europejski Instytut Mediacji), in accordance with the mediation regulations applied by the Institute. Allegro.pl will bear a reasonable part of the total mediation costs, which will be determined by the parties in each case. The list of mediators and mediation regulations is available upon contacting eiminstytut@gmail.com.

The community of sellers: Allegro Community

Allegro has built a community of buyers and sellers who are keen to talk to one another, ask each other's opinions and share knowledge and experience related to our platform. This is why we created a special space for them to interact freely, discuss and share information about future functionalities and services offered by our platform. This is how Allegro Community (Allegro Gadane) came along back in January 2020.

Everyone can become a member of Allegro Community. This community solution was developed to answer the needs of persons who have recently begun their shopping journey or online selling, as well as experienced users of the platform. All content posted in the service is public and therefore also available to unregistered guests. In order to actively participate in the community dialogue, you need to register by using the log-in details for your Allegro account.

Multiple forums are at your disposal, divided into thematic categories. There is also a blog with articles about the community and Allegro in general. Logged-in users can post new posts and respond to questions, follow discussion threads and evaluate them. Finally, they can also sign up for e-mail alerts about posts and threads. A team of experienced admins watches over the community.

In 2020, Gadane recorded over 2 million visitors. The content contributed by the community helped address over 200,000 issues. This would not have happened were it not for a gamification system we implemented (ranks, rankings, etc.) as well as positive interactions with other discussion participants. Several hundred active responders (who are also our sellers) dedicate their time to help others on a daily basis. About a dozen of our most active community members spent at least 1,000 hours each on Gadane in 2020 alone. Our record-breaking facilitator has contributed a total of 125 days and nights to the community drafting 15,000 responses!

Maciej Śnieżek CX Community Leader

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