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We cooperate with local communities

At Allegro, we believe technology has the power to solve many social problems. We share knowledge, support technological education and help those in need by using our platform for charity auctions.


Social and charity initiatives 2020 2019
Donations made by the Allegro.eu to support several public organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic PLN 6.9 million
Charytatywni.Allegro.pl platform – amount raised: PLN 19.4 million PLN 14.1 million
including the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) PLN 14.9 million PLN 12.0 million
Charytatywni.Allegro.pl platform – number of offers 838,5 884,025
Charytatywni.Allegro.pl platform – number of organisations 401 455
Number of people enrolled in the School of Pioneers PFR (Szkoła Pionierów PFR) 50 50
Allegro Lokalnie Collections – amount raised (since July 2020) PLN 170,000
Allegro Lokalnie Collections – number of collections (from July 2020) 178
#pomagamyboumiemy employee engagement campaign – two editions 77 projects
200 employees

Allegro Charytatywni

Over PLN 100 million for 2,850 charity causes

In a period of six years of its operation, the Allegro Charytatywni  has proved how much demand exists for an online space bringing together those who can offer support to those who may need it.

Allegro Charytatywni is an online space where every public benefit organization can raise funds to achieve goals that it considers especially important. No fees or commissions are charged. We provide the necessary technological tools and engage in the chosen initiatives as partners. Allegro customers who wish to support a given person or cause can bothput their own items on sale with proceeds going to a cause of their choice and buy unique items on charity auctions. During some charity auctions customers can use the direct payment option. In most cases, they opt for the a virtual collection box (Wirtualna Puszka) or a fast PayU transfer.

Allegro Charytatywni results for 2020:

almost PLN
19.5 million
838.5 k
2.4 k
charity goals benefitting...

Allegro Charytatywni is a unique platform where buyers and sellers can step up their charitable efforts and support charities and social organisations even more effectively.
The Charytatywni team fully integrated the existing platform with Allegro.pl in 2020. It is currently possible to search for or post a charitable offer from the main page. The amount raised for those in need keeps increasing, already reaching over PLN 35 million in mid-2021.

Aleksandra Saporznikow Product Manager, Technology Department
In practice
Any Gift Can Be Noble

In 2020, we teamed up with the organisers of Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) to launch an initiative called Any Gift Can Be Noble (Każda Paczka Może być Szlachetna). Between 1 and 27 December, our customers could add a donation to their order to support Szlachetna Paczka. In total, PLN 535 thousand was collected via this channel, with the money used to support disadvantaged families. To find out more about our joint initiative with the Wiosna Association (Stowarzyszenie Wiosna), go to this website.

Allegro for WOŚP

Allegro has closely worked with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) for over 20 years, while Allegro for WOŚP auctions have consistently achieved record popularity. In 2020, our commitment to the Orchestra was focused on 6 areas:

  • auctions
  • rzeczyodserca.pl, a platform inviting celebrities and Allegro customers to put items on sale with proceeds going to initiatives that WOŚP is collecting money for in any given year. Participants are also encouraged to record videos describing the items they are putting on sale
  • A virtual collection box (Wirtualna Puszka)
  • streams
  • participation in the Grand Finale in the studio;
  • Allegro Staff (Sztab Allegro), Allegro’s employee volunteers.
200 k
items generated
Over PLN
14.9 million
for WOŚP
An additional PLN
752 k
was collected in the virtual collection box (Wirtualna Puszka)
A total of PLN
80 million
donated to WOŚP in 21 years

We are pleased that Allegro is a great facilitatorand are grateful that so many people are involved in listing auctions. All the years of working together translated into almost PLN 80 million in donations to WOŚP.

Aleksandra Woźnicka Social and Charity Projects Expert

The Allegro Prize competition as an opportunity for visual artists

Allegro Prize has given publicity to artists from around the world.

The jury consisting of names such as Anda Rottenberg, Monika Brodka and Jakub Julian Ziółkowski identified new talents and made it possible for those artists to present their art before a large audience. 3 winners were chosen and 10 distinctions awarded. The total value of awards was PLN 50 thousand.

Allegro and Contemporary Lynx, an international, independent magazine dedicated to arts, joined forces to support and promote visual arts. The collaboration is not a coincidence; since 2018, Allegro has also been developing a special “Collectors Zone” (Strefa Kolekcjonera) presenting contemporary art pieces and antiques. The goal behind the collaboration between Allegro and Contemporary Lynx was to support and promote artists all over the world. The competition made it possible to discover and financially support the most talented artists. Importantly, all fees for participation in Allegro Prize have been suspended taking into account the difficult circumstances that the pandemic has put so many artists in.

The competition was addressed to visual arts creators representing all disciplines who are students or graduates of academies of fine arts or art schools, without any age or geographic restrictions.

Podaruj Misia (Gift a Teddy Bear!)

We have supported the "Podaruj Misia” initiative organized by Fundacja TVN „Nie jesteś sam” (You are not alone) since the day it was established, 15 years ago. During the pre-Christmas period, Allegro starts selling teddy bears. Every year, stars of TVN design the bear. The full proceeds from the sale are transferred for the purposes of treatment and rehabilitation of persons under the care of the Foundation. Importantly, those who buy the toy incur no other costs linked to their purchase. The cost of delivery is covered by Allegro.

Kolacja marzeń (Dream Dinner)

In 2020, together with Fundacja Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream Foundation) we organized the initiative called the Dream Dinner for the seventh time. Kolacja Marzeń is a special auction where the winning bidder enjoys dinner with a well-known star of show-business, a unique opportunity to enjoy a direct meeting with persons who are known from the front pages of newspapers and support a noble cause of helping the disadvantaged in the process. The proceeds from the initiative are spent on fulfilling the dreams of children under the care of Fundacja Mam Marzenie.

Collections on Allegro Lokalnie

Since 2020, Allegro Lokalnie has made it possible to launch fundraising initiatives. Every customer can support local, social initiatives while shopping.

Over PLN 170 thousand beneficiaries collected

Allegro customers can also put an object on sale as part of a specific fundraising initiative. All you need to do is find the initiative you want to support and define what percentage of your sale (between 10% and 100%) is to be designated to your given objective. The item on sale will be available both on Allegro Lokalnie and Allegro.pl. This way, the offer can reach as many as 21 million visitors.

From July to December 2020, beneficiaries collected over PLN 170 thousand. As much as 65% of all completed fundraisers succeeded in raising the full amount of money needed to achieve a given goal.

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