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We create a friendly work environment

At the end of 2020, the entire Allegro.eu team consisted of 3,159 people, exactly 680 more than a year ago.

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In 2021, we plan to hire another 1,500 employees for Allegro.pl alone.

We strive to be a place of development for diverse, talented and ambitious teams and people who can cope well in a rapidly changing and complex environment. Our employees strive to achieve the best possible results, constantly looking for development opportunities and taking up new challenges. We create a demanding but friendly work environment, support the professional and personal development of our employees and create equal opportunities in all aspects of employment.

of our employees are women
employees in 2020
hiring plans for 2021

According to our employees, the key aspects that make them feel #dobrzetubyć (#greattobehere) and make Allegro their workplace include:

  • outstanding colleagues
  • a sense of influence
  • the scale of operations
  • modern technologies
  • interesting projects
  • development opportunities

How we work at Allegro:

  • we aim high and set ourselves ambitious goals
  • we focus on customers and their needs
  • we are agile at work, constantly looking for new and better solutions
  • we care about professional development and we look for new knowledge with a sense of curiosity
  • we share knowledge and support others in achieving success
  • we treat one another with respect and are honest with one another

Allegro among the best employers in the "Poland's Best Employers 2021" Forbes ranking

In the latest ranking prepared by Forbes and Statista, we came in first place among employers in the trade industry. We are all the more pleased with the award because we won it thanks to the votes of our employees! Find out more.

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The presented number of employees takes into account people employed at the following companies: Allegro.pl, Ceneo.pl, eBilet.pl, Allegro Finanse, Allegro Pay, Opennet, and Adinan Midco, Allegro.eu as well.

Employed at Allegro 2020 2019
Contract of employment 2,721 2,194
Contractors (B2B) 240 17
Workers who are not employees (work agencies & outsourced service) 198 268
IN TOTAL 3,159 2,479

Form of Employment

Form of Employment 2020 2019
Permanent employment contracts 79.4% 79.2%
Fixed-term employment contracts 20.6% 20.8%

Form of employment broken down by gender

Form of employment broken down by gender 2020 2019
Permanent employment contracts – women 32.1% 32.0%
Fixed-term employment contracts – women 9.7% 9.6%
Permanent employment contracts – men 47.2% 47.2%
Fixed-term employment contracts – men 10.9% 11.2%


Workplace 2020 2019
Poznań 51.3% 57.0%
Warsaw 30.7% 25.5%
Wrocław 7.2% 8.2%
Kraków 3.7% 2.3%
Toruń 3.5% 3.8%
Błonie 2.6% 2.6%
Other 1.0% 0.5%

Allegro Group - employment

2020 2019
Allegro.pl 2,803 2,227
Ceneo.pl 198 194
Allegro Pay 61
eBilet.pl 56 56
Opennet 30
Allegro.eu 6
Allegro Finance 3
Adinan Midco 2 2
Allegro.eu Group 3,159 2,479

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